The LVTO course extends the pilot's skills to LVP certification

The LVTO (LOW VISIBILITY TAKE-OFF) course is intended to provide more training opportunities and product quality Type Rating KING AIR with a qualification that extends the pilot's skills to LVP certification, limited to LVTO (150mt RVR), for training aircrews qualified on BE90/99/100/200 aircraft.

Pre-Requisites for Admission:
  • Be a holder of ATPL or CPL/IR or PPL/IR license;
  • Be in possession of a minimum of 100 hrs on type BE 90/99/100/200;

- Multi Crew operations on aircrafts also for Type Rating S.P.H.P. (Single Pilot High Performance)

- With a certified pilot occupying the RIGHT seat.

Course Schedule:
Total hours of theoretical instruction: 04:00
Total hours of practical instruction: 02:00

Theory part includes 4 hours of course with instructor that ATO offers in-person or e-Learning.

Flight Program:

The flight program includes no less than 2 hours of training conducted on FFS BE200 KING AIR with instructor.

Course Duration:

Course duration is a minimum of 2 days but flexible according to the needs of the candidate.

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