Allows current license holder to work as pilot in command in any multi-engine airplane certified for a single pilot

The MEP Land (MULTI ENGINE PISTON) Rating allows you to obtain Class Rating on Multi Engine Piston aircraft. 

Pre-Requisites for Admission:
  • Hold a PPL license or higher with valid SEP;
  • Be in possession of First-class mental and physical fitness certificate issued by an aviation medicalspecialist (AME).
  • Have completed at least 70 hours of navigation as PIC before starting training;
Course schedule:
Total hours of theoretical instruction: 07:00
MEP airplane practice hours: 06:00

PLEASE NOTE: Should the candidate wish to obtain the MEP + IR the hours will be as follows:

  • Total hours of theoretical instruction: 07:00
  • MEP + IR airplane practice hours: 11:00

Theory part involves LONG BRIEFING MEP for a total of 7 hours of theory.

Flight Program:

The flight program includes no less than 6 hours of training on PIPER PA34 aircraft with Instructor. Should the candidate apply for the MEP + IR Rating, the flight program will include no less than 11 hours of training, 3 hours of which on FNPT II simulator and 8 hours on PIPER PA34 aircraft with instructor.

Course Duration:

The duration of the Course, which must be conducted in an acceptably continuous form, is normally completed within 6 months of the start date of the Course but may be adjusted to suit the needs of the candidate. The practical test must be completed within 6 months of the completion of the Course.

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