The course aimed at acquiring the skills to operate safely in MULTI-CREW operations.

Multi-Crew Co-operation (MCC) is a course aimed at acquiring the skills and standards to operate safely in MULTI-CREW operations.

Pre-Requisites for Admission:
  • Be in possession of PPL/IR or CPL/IR License, having completed a theory ATPL course.
  • Be in possession of First-class mental and physical fitness certification issued by an aviation medical specialist (AME);
  • Be in possession of TEA (Test English Aviation) certificate with at least a score of 4 out of 6;
Course schedule:
Total hours of theoretical instruction: 25;00
Total hours of practical instruction: 20;00

Theory part consists of the hours mentioned above, that ATO offers in presence to conduct the 25 hours of theoretical instruction. The teachers made available are Captains with decades of experience in Airlines, who conduct the course following the standards of today's strongest growing companies.

Flight Program:

The flight program includes no less than 20 hours of training. The simulator used is the ALSIM ALX FNPT II / MCC, which allows the course to be conducted on Turbo-Prop, based on KING AIR aircraft, or JET with CITATION platform.

Scheduled Exams:

There are no theoretical nor practical examinations for this training. In the final flight mission, the student must demonstrate the competency and skills acquired.

Course Duration:

The course is planned to be completed in 6 to 12 working days but can be adapted to the needs and requests of the students.


A pilot with MCC training will learn how to deal with Jet aircraft operations in airline operations

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