The course trains pilots to become a Flight instructor for SEP/MEP class ratings

The Objective of the Course
To train the candidate instructor to safely perform the duties of Class rating instructor (CRI), in order to instruct holding students, to acquisite "Class Rating" or "Type Rating" on "Single-Pilot" single or twin-engine piston aircraft.

The Duration of the Course
The CRI course normally takes place in about 30 days, but it can have a variable duration depending on the needs of the candidate.
Hours of theorical education:
CRI course (if the candidate holds already a FI (A) qualification) 25:00
CRI course (if the candidate doesn't hold a FI (A) qualification) 150:00
Hours of practical flight (“Skill Test” excluded): 5:00

Prerequisite of Admission
The candidate requiring admittance at the CRI(A) admission shall meet the following requirements:
Multi-engine airplanes (MEP Rating).
For the release of the CRI(SPA) qualification, the candidate must have:
- completed at least 500 flight hours as PIC;
- completed at least 30 flight hours as PIC on class MEP aircrafts, before the beginning of the course;
- a current CPL(A) license.

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