Cantor Air's Facilities

CANTOR AIR has two offices: the first, located at the Valbrembo Airport where the operational and maintenance base is located, and the second, at Nembro, where the Educational headquarters are located, both in the province of Bergamo, in northern Italy.

Teaching location:

The teaching site is located in Nembro, in the province of Bergamo, where modern and functional classrooms are available to students for carrying out theoretical lessons, as well as classrooms for admission tests for ENAC exams. In addition, the secretariat and administration are present here.

Base of operation:

The operational base is located in Valbrembo (BG) based on the Valbrembo Airport (LILV), where BRIEFING classrooms and a wide range of aircraft suitable for each phase of the flight are available to students, as well as the brand new Alsim ALX flight simulator. The CANTOR AIR TECH maintenance company is also present at the operational base. The latter represents the flagship of the system, a rapid and efficient apparatus that constantly intervenes on the aircrafts of the fleet, which in this way are always available for training according to a rigid and effective schedule.


VALBREMBO Airport, built in 1969, is an Italian airport in Lombardy located in the Province of Bergamo, which enjoys an air traffic reserved exclusively for tourist and school aircraft.

The optimal location of the airport places it just a few minutes' flight from the most important international airports of the north of Italy (i.e. Bergamo Orio al Serio, Milano Linate, Montichiari, Verona etc) , where part of the training takes place.

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