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At the very young age of 27 yo, Elia obtains the qualification of Captain for the irish company Ryanair.

In the cockpit it is known that there are two important figures: the one of the First Officer and the one of the Captain.

The position of the captain remains on the left and represents a job of great responsibility as well as of great importance, being the figure of highest-level, an airline pilot can aspire to.

Becoming a CAPTAIN requires a lot of preparation as well as perseverance, dedication, commitment and passion.

All qualities that we find in Elia PORTU who, since 2019, bears the title for being the first student of the ATO to obtain the qualification of CAPTAIN at the very young age of 27.

A very important milestone for him that marked the continuation of an already very flourishing career and an IMMENSE pride for the ATO STAFF who saw him reach the GOAL after having met him at just 20 years old, with all the strength and passion that characterized this young man.

Elia, in fact, began to be part of this extraordinary family by entering the second existing course of the ATO, the PPL 02-2013 course, immediately believing in this reality that he since day 1 felt and made his own.

Our TEAM, at the same level, saw Elia as a smart student and inclined to work hard to make his dream come true.

In fact, as we always want to reiterate, without commitment you will not get anywhere.

Witness Elia who, thanks to his stubbornness, has achieved an important goal

becoming a very respectable Captain of the Irish airline RYANAIR, who wanted to dedicate these affectionate words to us:

"I had the honor, privilege and luck to take a seat in one of the first Cantor Air courses after an interview with Captain Magnani; thanks to him and his perfect organization I discovered a family and a team that has been able to valorize my skills and my ambitions, working with stubbornness and patience on my defects, making me reach the great goal of become CAPTAIN.

Even now, when I go and visit the instructors, the secretariat and all the people who believed in me gives me the same emotions of the first days.

I can only thank every single member of this flight school for making me the person I am today.

Thank you with all my heart"

Cpt. Elia Portu 

Thank you for having believed immediately in us and for having entrusted yourself to this flight school which, as you anticipated, represents more as a second family.

A solid and winning TEAM that, over the years - and thanks to the support of all ex-students, collaborators and Instructors - has managed to make its way, becoming more and more concrete every year, and becoming among the best ATOs on the market today.

It was an honor to have been the means that allowed you to achieve your dream.

See you soon, Captain !!



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