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A great Open Day!

At the conclusion of our school's first Open Day 2023 held on Saturday 28 January, we would like to extend a sincere thank you to everyone who attended.

Special thanks to all the interested Aspiring Pilots and their families who participated with enthusiasm and involvement in the event.

Furthermore, as we always say, students are an integral part of our organization and considered by us the most precious element.

For this, a big thanks goes also to all the students who contributed to the smooth running of the Open Day but also, and above all, to all the staff and instructors who participated with great professionalism, commitment and dedication.

Finally, a sincere THANK YOU to the ex-students who are now professional PILOTS who have found the time in their busy schedules to participate. Their words and their help have shown us, once again, that CANTOR AIR is not just an ATO, but a big FAMILY!

For anyone who was unable to attend the Open Day, we remind you that private meetings are available, by making an appointment. You can book, contacting the secretariat via info@cantorair.it or by calling +39 035520035.

We take the opportunity to remind you of our next AVAILABLE courses:

• MARCH 2023

ATPL COURSES (for already PPL A holders)
• MAY 2023

In the meantime, stay tuned for the latest news!

Instagram: @cantor_air

Facebook: @CantorAirATO

YouTube: Cantor Air Ato

TikTok @scuoladivolo_cantorair

With the hope to see you soon on board, we wish you a great continuation!

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