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In recent years, and thanks to the fame of one of the favorite films of pilots, passionate and not from the aviation world, the word TOP GUN has often been heard. In common language, due to the influence of the film, the word TOP GUN describes a pilot with exceptional combat aircraft piloting skills or even better, a person who excels in unusual characteristics or qualities.

What if we told you that CANTOR AIR’s Head of Training is a (former) TOP GUN?

It is in fact Captain Roberto Magnani, who boasts a formidable experience of over 30 years as a Pilot and who, since 2011, has held the position of Head of Training of ATO CANTOR AIR, which has become one of the most important flying academies at national level.

In fact, his journey began with an immeasurable passion that prompted him, in 1990, to pass the then tough academic tests and attend the MARTE IV course at the Pozzuoli Aeronautical Academy. A very demanding journey, which culminated in October 1994 when he officially became a Military Pilot of the Italian Air Force.

His career began immediately.

In fact, after having attended the pre-operational course on the G-91T, Cpt.Magnani was assigned to the 2° Storm of Rivolto (UD) where in 1996, obtained the qualification of "Combat Ready" Pilot on the AMX aircraft.

In 2000 he was assigned to the 32° Storm where he became an AMX instructor at the 101° group O.C.U.

His career was just at the beginning because in February 2002 he was selected to participate in an exchange program (PILOT EXCHANGE) with the USAF and was thus transferred to the U.S.A where, after having attended an intense flight "Upgrade", in March 2003 became an instructor on F-16C and D aircraft, and assigned to the 63° Fighter Squadron at LUKE AFB – ARIZONA –USA. For almost 4 years, Cpt. Magnani carried out instructional tasks for the USAF, also holding the position of Commander of the "B" Squadron of the Flight Group.

Thanks to his passion, commitment and competence, following various awards granted by his students and by the Allied Command, in 2004 he was awarded as «IP of the quarter» of the 63° Squadron (or "Instructor of the year") and was therefore awarded the "Commendational Medal" by the US authorities.

The TOP GUN award, much coveted among the F16 instructor pilots, was presented by the course leader who, during the ceremony, wanted to underline how all the 14 students of the course had agreed in nominating the Cpt. Magnani best instructor of the 63° Squadron for the period April-June 2004.

A formidable success, confirmed during another ceremony where Cpt. Magnani was once again nominated «IP of the quarter» of the 63° Squadron for the period July-September 2004, thus obtaining the coveted award of «TOP GUN» for the second time in a row. Returning to Italy in 2005, Cpt. MAGNANI was reassigned to the 32° Storm of Amendola (FG) where he held the position of AMX instructor at the 101° O.C.U. Group, also deserving here various awards such as "Best Instructor".

Among the various assignments, in 2010 he was sent to the "Black Cats" department in Herat Afghanistan, where he commanded the Group from March to May of the same year. In 2007 he was assigned to the 13° Flight Group FBA, where he became Commander in 2009, a position he held until July 2011.

During his career, Cpt. Magnani always remained close to general aviation, holding the role of instructor at the local Aero Clubs.

On discharge from the Italian Air Force, Cpt. Magnani decided to devote himself full time to the Cantor Air project which, thanks to his expert contribution, represent a unique brand of reliability and quality in the sector.

His 30 years of military and civilian education, the courses in "Didactic Methodology" carried out, his experience in various aeronautical bases around the world and his human capabilities, make him a TRAINING LEADER of absolute importance.

Thanks to the contribution of Cpt. Magnani, CANTOR AIR is today a solid and successful reality, which boasts dozens of successes every month by its students, who fly over the European skies today.

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