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Cantor Air - New EASA Aerobatic Rating Course

Following the entry into force of the latest revision of the EASA PART-FCL regulation, CANTOR AIR requested and obtained the AEROBATIC RATING COURSE according to PART FCL.800 of PART FCL.

With this new configuration, CANTOR AIR has redesigned the national acrobatic course (already in use in the ATO), in order to make it more flexible, and compliant with the EASA regulation.

Aerobatic rating

The new EASA Aerobatic course now includes 6 hours of classroom lessons, followed by 6 FLYING HRS on the CAP10C.

The course is held by 4 aerobatic instructors, three of which are former ITAF military pilots, now serving in CANTOR AIR, and a former European aerobatic champion.

The program of the course, to reach the qualification requires a commitment of a minimum of 5 working days.

Pilots interested in the EASA AEROBATIC rating before starting the course must meet the following requirements:

• Have a valid PPL, CPL or ATPL(A) licence;

• Have a valid SEP (LAND) rating;

• Have a valid rating for difference TW (TAIL WHEEL - obtainable in CANTOR AIR);

• Have a valid class I or II medical,

• Have at least 40 hrs of flight time, completed after the issue of the licence.

With the theoretical part before and the practical part after, CANTOR AIR staff will be able to transfer all the notions to perform safely the basic figures of aerial acrobatics, thus transferring those techniques that are the basis of Italian skills, solidly proven in the history of world aerobatics.

Do not hesitate to ask This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for information

Cantor Air is Certificated for Training on PILATUS PC-12NG

Despite the period full of unforeseen events, CANTOR AIR continues to increase its potential by providing an increasingly complete offer of training courses on the European scene.
In fact, CANTOR AIR announces its certification to provide training for the TYPE RATING SET on PILATUS PC-12NG aircraft.


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Corso Seminario FI


I prossimi 23 e 24 Novembre 2020 si terrà il corso Seminario FI per un totale di 16 ore.
Il corso sarà erogato in modalità e-learning su piattaforma autorizzata ENAC.
Gli orari del corso verranno comunicati in seguito.

Per avere maggiori informazioni o iscriversi al corso mandare una mail a This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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Our New Flight Instructors: Aaron and Roberto

Roberto and Aaron recently finished their MODULAR COURSE in our ATO.
A "STEP BY STEP" path that they immediately took professionally, in which they showed reliability and seriousness fused with an indescribable passion for the aviation world.
A course, the one of Roberto and Aaron, that has been carried out EXCEPTIONALLY. Demonstrated not only by the compliments of Instructors and Examiners in the various phases of the course, but also by the exemplary results they received of the ATPL theoretical exams where they conquered respectively 93.7% and 92.3% of average, perfectly in line with the ATOs POLICY.


However, exemplary results obtained in a period in which the emergency has made everything dramatically much more difficult, requiring efforts far beyond normal conditions.
But Roberto and Arron decided to roll up their sleeves and get back in the game.
On 6 July 2020 they began the INSTRUCTORS COURSE at our ATO without receiving any guarantee from our school regarding future employment.
A course that requires, in addition to an immense aviation passion, a considerable commitment, as it is one of the most prestigious qualifications, thanks to which candidates, once they have become instructors, can represent the example to follow for the new student pilots of the new generations.
In short, AARON and ROBERTO, thanks to their solid basic preparation, have performed the "Flying Instructor" course admirably, far exceeding the high standards required by the ATO and underlining, once again, the professionalism and commitment with which they have faced every challenge that was presented to them.
The determination associated with the passion of these two guys could not go unnoticed. In fact, once the course was over, the Head of Training, Com.te Roberto MAGNANI, officially asked the two pilots to be part of the CANTOR TEAM AIR, becoming thus organic FULL TIME.
The ATO, thanks to the contribution of the two new members, who have already been working for about a month, brings CANTOR AIR's "Disciplinary" flight instructors to 22, consolidating its DNA of solid and reliable structure.
AARON, ROBERTO and all the ATO instructors are the pride of CANTOR AIR which could not be best represented! Thank you, guys!


Another success in a difficult period: never give up!

We left you after the hard LOCKDOWN with the famous motto "NEVER GIVE UP", a motto that wanted to give strength and hope to all our staff, to all the guys who follow us but, especially to our students, some of whom found themselves finishing the training in a delicate moment, like this one, of aviation.
Motto that, thanks to our desire to never give up and to our strong dedication, we have taken literally and that has allowed us to start again in a great way.
Following the LOCKDOWN, our activities have returned at a fast pace.
We remember that we started 2 theoretical PPL and ATPL courses, a FI course and the continuation of an ATPL course already in place before the forced lock.
All courses continue to be carried out in the E-LEARNING mode.
Flight operations resumed normal activity in total safety starting from 12 May 2020 and quickly returned to peaks of 40 daily flights, approaching PRE-COVID numbers.
Our ATO continues to seek the best training, continually refining its training to allow our students to achieve high-level theoretical and practical SKILLS.

carrara leuci

Despite the period, our students proved to be determined to reach the goal, a firmness that, together with our perseverance, creates a perfect combination of strengths, which leads us to be a winning TEAM, thanks to which Stefano Carrara, our cadet, and Federico Leuci, in such a difficult period, were first selected by LUXWING, then with CANTOR AIR they carried out and concluded the TYPE RATING on KING AIR, thanks to which they will perform the functions as first officers in the important Maltese company.
An important result for the students, who made many sacrifices during their training. Especially for Stefano, who had to alternate study with a job, making the task more difficult. Precisely for this reason, the intake, even in a difficult period, has an even sweeter flavor.
KING AIR training was carried out internally by CANTOR AIR in agreement with LUXWING, which engaged Com.te Parolari, CFI of the ATO as well as instructor on BE200, together with the two students for about 45 days.
First the theoretical training in Cantor Air, then the transfer to the simulators of Pöri in Filanda, where CANTOR AIR carries out the practical training. Onces the final exam has been completed, the transfer to Italy, where the two students were able to carry out the BASE TRAINING on the company aircraft. All this in full compliance with the ANTI-COVID rules not only imposed by the ATO, but also by the strict ones required by Finland, before the transfer.
In short, the TEAM has still proved its ability to play important games, aiming for victory and Stefano and Federico have won.
An experience, the one of Stefano and Federico, who invites us not to break down but rather, to continue to work hard, always keeping the goal fixed in front of us, for an ever more decisive recovery and for a return to normal sent.

We’re proud.


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