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Nicolò has successfully passed Ryanair's selections

Still excellent news from CANTOR AIR, which confirms that the aviation world is slowly awakening from a stagnant situation, which no one would have even imagined in January 2019.

Today is the turn of Nicolò, our student who has successfully passed the selections of RYANAIR, that will soon lead him to face the TYPE RATING on B737 NG.

bonfanti nico

His adventure was not granted at all; in fact, in 2019, he relied on CANTOR AIR following an experience abroad. Since acceptance made by our Head of training, it has been possible to notice the determination and the desire to succeed in the aviation field, fundamental bases for becoming excellent professionals. 

When he entered the program, he quickly established himself as a reliable student, perfectly in line with the ATO POLICY.

These characteristics associated with the commitment allowed Nicolò to conclude the program in a very short time and with significant results, obtaining in April 2021, the suitability of the requirements imposed by the Irish company.

Now a new challenge awaits him and encourage you to carry it out with the same qualities that you showed in Cantor.

Bravo Nicolò, excellent result.


Giuseppe and his Dream: First Officer at Ryanair

What is courage? According to the dictionary, courage is defined as the "Strength of mind in enduring physical or moral pain with serenity and resignation, in dealing danger with decision, in saying or doing something that involves risk or sacrifice" ... ... well today we would like associate the word “COURAGE” with the characteristics of Giuseppe, not a young boy just gone out of high school, but an established professional in a different field, but who has always dreamed of becoming a commercial pilot.

Well GIUSEPPE had courage, thanks to which, at a different age compared to a classy post-graduate, he embarked on the CANTOR AIR path with an enviable spirit and dedication worthy of a fighter, trying to distribute his energies both in his everyday work and in the ATO study. 

The result was so high that in April 2021 he successfully passed the selections in RYANAIR, effectively crowning the dream of a lifetime.

An example for all, which reminds that determination and the desire to “ARRIVE” is the primary ingredient of the winners.

Bravo Giuseppe, we are proud of you.


Another Success: Riccardo will join Globe Air company

The victories in CANTOR AIR keep going and the charge that all these news bring to our STAFF continues, whose main goal is always to train future pilots in the most effective and serious way possible.
The success of our students, now part of this big family, affects us all deep inside and for this reason, we could not be happier thanks to this latest GOAL brought home by Riccardo PERANI, a young man of just 22 years who has brilliantly passed the selections for GLOBE AIR, one of the most important "Executive" companies in Europe.


Riccardo's path at the ATO had just ended: in fact, in DECEMBER 2020 he had completed his path carried out, since the beginning, with an enviable seriousness and professionalism, which culminated in MARCH  2021 with the achievement of the MCC / JOC.
Anyone who knows Riccardo knows that his passion has always allowed him to "fly high" (true sense of the word), and for this very reason he hasn't waited even a day to get back in game.
A challenge overcome once again very well that allowed him to win and enter in the work world, realizing his biggest dream.
Those who start the pilot's career know that the challenges will not end, and this is why Riccardo will soon start a new challenge that will allow him to qualify through the TYPE RATING on the aircraft on which he will operate as first officer.

Good LUCK Riki. We sincerely wish you a wonderful career!


Lorenzo, soon to be First Officer at Ryanair

Lorenzo is the name of our VICOTRY of this week. A successful GOAL done thanks to a lot of passion and dedication shown since the take-off of his career, where he achieved results in line with those of an ideal student, reaching an average of 96% in the ATPL exams and getting, at the conclusion of every step, the compliments from everyone for his professionalism.


His results were the fruit of a strong attitude that allowed him to acquire, step by step, the necessary knowledge to become an EXCELLENT commercial pilot.

Qualities that were also fundamental for the fulfillment of his dream: Lorenzo brilliantly passed the selections of the prestigious Irish company RYANAIR, and thus won a place in the cockpit of the BOEING 737 NG as first officer.

A well-deserved goal that highlights how sacrifice always leads to the achievement of dreams.

Bravissimo Lorenzo and good luck for this career that we wish you will be full of satisfaction.


Stefano, future First Officer in Ryanair

Stefano, still 16, decides to start his career in 2016 and thus joins the PPL 10 course, the first step to become an airline pilot.

His beginning was not obvious, as he had to combine school commitments with several months of training. A "double path", however, carried out very well by our ex-student pilot, who has never given us the opportunity to doubt his excellent preparation and indeed has often surprised everyone with his familiarity.



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