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New Academic Year 21-22

In September, a new academic year begins in the CANTOR AIR flight school and together with it, the school got ready to welcome the new EAGLES, who started on 13 September 2021 with the PPL 21 course; the first module to start the career to become a Professional Pilot. A course that will involve 21 young students in 119 hours of theoretical lessons and 45 hours of practical flight that will start just 3 weeks after the theoretical course starts.
We are talking about a FULL IMMERSION course that will last about 3-6 months, divided between theoretical training and practical training on cessna 152 and tecnam P2008JC, at the end of which the students of the course will obtain the PPL license (Private Pilot License). Waiting for the new "PPLlini" (as we like to call them...)  will therefore be this first step that marks the beginning of a path for them, which we are sure they will face with passion and enthusiasm.

anno accademico

For the EAGLES who have already obtained the PPL license in the previous courses, the Airline Transport Pilot License (ATPL) course will be waiting for them, which will start instead in November.
An even more challenging theoretical course, given that the cadets will be engaged in 650 hours of theoretical lessons with subsequent achievement of the 14 theoretical ATPL exams and the achievement of multiple practical training for the acquisition of various qualifications and subsequently licenses. The new ATPL course will also see the introduction of the new subject AREA KSA 100, a new mandatory discipline starting from January 2022.
As every year, therefore, this September brings new eagles ready to take off and takes away others, ready instead to take flight in the commercial world.

Before giving a big good luck to all the students of the ATO, we asked Com.te Magnani, as well as Director of Training, to comment on this beginning.

So, Com.te MAGNANI, the PPL 21 course started some days ago, how did the new EAGLES seem to you?
The new guys gave me a very good "FIRST IMPRESSION", they seem to have the right attitude and commitment, so I have high expectations. After the presentation of the course, held on the 13th, I saw them perfectly implement the policy of our ATO, so they immediately got to work.

What do you expect from the new students, but above all from the 'old' cadets?
The courses talk to each other, the older ones pass valuable advices to the younger ones. The new courses enthusiastically welcome every success of the pilots at the end of the training; the fact that 16 young people have been hired by the various companies in the last 6 months represents the right energy for the new young students to give maximum impetus to their studies. So, I expect to see the maximum effort from everyone to achieve the desired success.

Are there any news for this year on the type of theoretical or practical training given in the school?
CANTOR AIR has made enormous efforts in the last year, in fact between October and February we revised the operating manuals and the standardization of instructors.
In practice, thanks to the deep experience of the TEAM, it was possible to introduce CBTA (competency-based training and assessment) as the basic method of practical teaching in our ATO. The training for the instructors was carried out in the months between February and June. This activity went hand in hand with the preparation of the KSA 100 part that we initially introduced in the experimental phase, but which from November will be formally integrated into our courses. Our KSA 100 is not an "Exercise of style", but it is a path aimed at finalizing the SITUATION AWARENESS and WORK LOAD MANAGMENT skills based on scenarios that our students already know. To do this we have developed a SIMULATOR that will be used in the various ASSESSMENTS foreseen. It's a nice "CHALLENGE", but we have always liked challenges!

Finally, what do you want to say to all your students, but also to the young people who intend to start this path?
I would like to confirm that the PILOT represents a fantastic job, one of those that is able to give some of the most beautiful satisfactions in the world. To get there, you have to be ready for hard work, because there are no "magic formulas"; to be true PILOTS, you have to sacrifice yourself, studying with self-denial and sacrifice. The flight license is not a pilot, but is the attitude to be a real pilot. So I tell the guys who want to pursue this career, to always keep their passion as a "Child" alive, because it will be a driving force in sacrifices and challenges, and will be the winning weapon to form the attitude of the TRUE PILOT. I have never seen a PILOT with the right attitude fail, because even when in crisis, he knows how to get up!

With these words of encouragement told by Com.te MAGNANI, we wish all our students a great start for this new academic year.
And we take this opportunity, once again, to wish all our EAGLES who have now reached their goal, a big GOOD LUCK!!

To better understand the mechanisms of our courses and to see our facilities, as well as present the payment formulas, we remind you that you can visit us, by booking an appointment, at our office.

Contact us to find out more! For information This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or + 39 035 52 00 35

Flight Instructor Course

The FLIGHT INSTRUCTOR course will start on OCTOBER the 18th 2021!
The aim of the course is to train the candidate to achieve the highest degree of "Proficiency" necessary to be able to instruct, in full safety and competence and as a "Flying Instructor" in the appropriate courses (ex. PPL).

pilota 2The course therefore includes:
• review and refresh of the theoretical knowledge of the instructor candidate;
• teach the didactic methodology on theoretical and flight subjects;
• train the candidate in flight, in the duties of instructor, allowing the achievement of high standards;
• teach the instructor candidate, the basic and advanced principles to be applied in a PPL (A) course.

The duration of the course, which will be programmed continuously, and will be scheduled for a duration of approximately 3-5 months, includes:

Total hours of theoretical instruction: 125  
Total hours of practical instruction (excluding practical exam): 30  

The theory is carried out from Monday to Friday with times to be defined, while the flight part will begin after having carried out about 70% of the theory, according to the individual availability of the students (operational open from Monday to Sunday included).
FINAL EXAMS: Once deemed suitable for the exam, the student will have to take the practical exam in flight with ENAC Inspector.


  • hold a CPL (A) license;
  • have at least 200 total flight hours;
  • have passed the theoretical knowledge exams CPL (A) as prescribed by the PART-FCL;
  • have completed at least 30 flight hours on SEP class aircraft, of which 5 hours in the last 6 months;
  • have received 10 hours of basic IFR instruction of which no more than 5 on FNPT or approved Simulator;
  • have completed at least 20 hours of "Cross Country" as a PIC, including a flight of no less than 540 Km (300 NM), during which at least 2 landings must have been made and ended up at 2 airports different from the one of departure.
  • have passed an in-flight "Pre-Entry" check with a qualified Cantor Air instructor in the six months prior to the course, to ascertain the suitability of the candidate.

piloti 1

NB: If the candidate possesses the above qualifications, they will have to undergo an initial FLIGHT ENTRY CHECK for admission to the course, which will assess the basic skills of the candidate.
Only once you have passed the CHECK, which is held with the Head of Training or its delegate, will you be able to start the course.

For more information or to register for the course, please write to us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . Limited places!!

Registrations open until October 14, 2021

Stefano in Ryanair: Another Great Success for Our ATO

Anyone who has known Stefano will be able to tell you that he is an incredible lover of flights, airplanes, models, airports, civil and military aircrafts ... In short, EVERYTHING related to the world of aviation.
We could ask him if he knows a “rare and unusual” aircraft and he could start telling for hours and hours everything he knows about that particular unusual model.


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Another Dream came True: Andrea in Ryanair

The crowning of the dream of our students represents for our school, the primary purpose, which leads us to train them according to strict manuals that we continually refine and improve to allow our young EAGLES the best and above all to allow them to achieve high preparation, technique and professionalism, to make them competitive in the commercial market.

Lately there are many calls that we receive from our students in which they announce the success of their dream, but every time for us is like the first one.
The last call came from Andrea FERRARI, a guy of just 22 yo who has been constantly a growing both professionally and humanly.
A student who wisely knew how to make the recommendations and suggestions of the instructors bread for his teeth and who made us continually proud with the results obtained during his training, both practical and theoretical where he obtained a percentage equal to 94.4% of average.
Results achieved thanks to a strong passion and immense commitment that have accompanied him from the beginning and allowed him to triumph even in this last challenge, which actually represents an incredible start to his career.
Andrea has in fact brilliantly passed the selections for the RYANAIR company and will soon be part of their crew as first officer on BOEING 737 NG.
We are proud of your work!! Well done ANDREA!


A Great Deparuture: Andrea in Ryanair

We often seem to repeat ourselves by publishing new posts about the successes of our students.
For our ATO, sharing the joy we feel in seeing how the world of the commercial aviation is slowly restarting is inevitable.We are even more grateful to be able to testify this by taking our new “Eaglets” as an example; for our school this really represents a source of extreme pride.


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