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Here we are at the last episode of this wonderful journey that saw 4 Cantor Air students as protagonists.

An adventure that allowed the 4 pilots not only to explore new places and air spaces, but that gave them the right energy to be able to continue their journey to become airline pilots in an excellent way.

Thanks to their sympathy and their "hunger" for flying, they were able to make us all emotionally involved in this adventure and to represent real "motivators", encouraging many of our other students to take an example.

The satisfaction of having organized the entire itinerary and journey with their own hands: from the equal division of the routes, to the request for PPRs, to the planning of the route, and everything that remains in the shadow of this journey, has made it even more special.

“The most beautiful and gratifying thing was that we got there with our own strength, on our own. With our aircraft we toured a large part of Greece”
says Luca, bringer of the thought of the whole crew.

And although on some days there was bad weather and indeed, some obstacles put their abilities to the test, the students still knew how to replan and program new routes in a precise and detailed way, perhaps making their journey even more complete and memorable.

I you are wondering if they already have a new trip in mind... Well, we’ll keep you updated! 

In the meantime, Enjoy the last part of journey together with Barbara, Luca, Andrea and Simone aboard the I-ELLY!

Out now the last episode of CantorExplore - Greece Edition here

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