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Esperienze Professionali:

Military pilot officer (1971-1980) with certifications on jets, multi-engines and helicopters, SF260 instructor for 2 years (1980-1982), Crew chief of CL 215 amphibious firefighting aircraft with training duties (1982-1985) (1987-1989), Airline pilot in Alitalia (1986-2008) on DC 9-30, MD 11, Captain enabled on A319, A320, A321.

Corsi abilitanti relativi all'aviazione:

ATPL-A, Nav.II Cl, CPL-FAA + MEP sea, SEP, MEP land, MEP sea, IR + LOW-vis cat.3B, III gr.Heli, MCC, CRM, FAC, RVSM, NAT/NAM, RT eng.lev4. Aircraft Ratings: MB 326, G 91T, T/RT 33A, T 6, C 45, P 166, SM 208, SF260, CL 215, DC 9-30, MD 11, A 320 family, Helicopter Ratings: AB 47-G2, AB 47-G3, AB 47-J, AB 204-B. Total flight hours: 15.500

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