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Type of Licence:

Total Flight Hours:
  • Flight hours on military aircraft (F104-Tornado and various others): 2741.15.
  • Flight hours as co-pilot: 1427.50.
  • Flight hours as Captain 9889.328
  • Total flight hours 16616.51 of which 14562.02 of instrument flight.
  • As a military and civilian carried out 1791.05 hours as an instructor.

Professional Experience:
Air Force T.Colonel, Airline Pilot, Captain A320 – A330 c/o Volare Airlines, Captain A320 c/o Captain A320 from Myway Airlines and LTC officer at the Company, Captain A330 c/o Livingston Spa, Captain from Cargoitalia SpA on MD11, Captain Air Arabia Morocco (A320) and Hi Fly (Portugal-A330), Captain c/o Cargolux Italia on B-747.

Type Ratings:
A 320, A330, MD-11, B-747/400and various military aircrafts.

Abilitation courses related to aviation:
SFI (SIM Instructor) on A330-A350- A320.

Additional qualifications:
  • Degree in Aeronautical Sciences
  • Knight of the Italian Republic with DPR 02-06-1996
  • “NATO Service on alliance operations related to the former Yugoslavia” medal.
  • Gold cross of seniority of service dated 25-06-1997
  • Long Air Navigation Silver Medal dated 16-02-1993
  • Medal for Participation in Relief for the populations of Irpinian and Basilicata affected by the 1980 earthquake.
  • Long Command Bronze Medal

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