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Type of Licence:

Total Flight Hours:
more than 24.000 hrs

Professional Experience:
Executive (12 y) and Arline company EUROFLY (21y) (Alitalia Group), Chief Pilot EUROFLY 9 y, HT A c.Milano 6 m , from 2012 CFI Cantor Air 

Type Ratings:
CURRENT BE90/99/100/200 - Not CURRENT MU2, CE500/550, DA10/20, CL600/601, DC9/MD80 series, B757/767, A320/A330

Class Ratings:
SEP / MEP (land) PA46 SET

Abilitation courses related to aviation:
FI / IRI / MCCI / TRI BE90/99/100/200 CRE senior SEP/MEP/PA46 SET / TRE senior BE90/99/100/200 - Not Current Instr/Exam. DC9/MD80 series e B767, TRI A320

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