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Of his passion a profession: HERE IS LEO!

We proudly introduce you to Leonardo De Angelis, born in 1997, native of Perugia but lives in Bergamo from a while, who from the sweet age of 14 had very clear the goals he wanted to achieve
He moved away from home to chase his dream of becoming an airline pilot, starting with an Aeronautical High school and, together with the school commitments, he started and obtained the PPL license.
In 2017 Leo, he believed in our school and started his path entering in the ATPL 08 modular course.

leonardo de angelis

From the beginning we noted the character of this young student who was completely adequate to this world mostly because he had incredible SKILLS who emphasize the professionalism and commitment with which Leo has faced this path, obtaining as a reward for his efforts 95% of the average in the theoretical ATPL exams.
Leo's attitude led him also to carry out a practical training without any difficulty, performing, even in this phase, an EXEMPLARY path, once again highlighting his abilities dictated by a strong and decisive personality that was not let down even by difficult situations that took over in his life.
Leonardo has decided to react in the opposite direction to life and did not break down and has excellently concluded his journey by entering the FIRST OFFICIAL and with appreciation by the entire Cantor Air staff, to be part of the Irish airline RYANAIR.
A goal so well deserved that emphasizes how the sacrifice always leads to the achievement of dreams.

Bravissimo Leo.
An immense wish with the hope that it will be an amazing beginning of a brilliant career.
Cantor Air Staff

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