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The complete course of Cantor Air to become an airline pilots: THE STEPs
How Long does it Take to Complete the Course?

Cantor Air has developed this program continuously, so as to reach the final goal in a minimum of 18 months from the beginning. The average duration is anyway still 24 months.

Why Should you Choose Cantor Air?

Cantor Air's program is rigid and certainly challenging. It’s is based on techniques coming from the Air Force and aims to train Officers first and then excellent pilots. Theoretical and practical teachers are all selected for their human skills and experience. The result of this training allows to conclude the process by obtaining an excellent product, such as our students, with solid knowledge and superb flight skills.

Today the average of the students of the Cantor Air flight school who pass the ATPL examinations on the first attempt is 93,7%, of which the average results on all subjects is over 90% compared to the 75% EASA-based sufficiency.
To date, 90% of our students have found immediate placement in the airline companies within 6 months from the end of their path in the ATO.
This is our strongest motivation, because our goals are their goals.

If you are determined, willing, passionate and determined that this will be your career, Cantor Air will be the right flight school to reach it!



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