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The complete course of Cantor Air to become an airline pilot: THE STEPs


✅ 4th STEP - intermediate phases and other qualifications: SEP Complex, NIGHT VFR E IR e MEP

The first intermediate step is the achievement of SEP COMPLEX qualification, through which the student is trained to use the retractable gear and the variable pitch propeller.
In this phase the student flies on Cessna 182 and Piper PA28R aircraft. This qualification is necessary to take over the new NIGHT QUALIFICATION module, which allows training in take-off, navigation and landing at night. This is where the practical IR module (Instrumental Rating) starts, in which the student learns how to manage the aircraft in flight in IFR (Instrument Flight Rules), in other words with the aid of only onboard instrumentation.
This module initially foresees the wide use of the FNPTII ALSIM ALX simulator, a perfect platform for this purpose, to then perform the same mission profiles (performed on the simulator), on an aircraft PIPER PA28R. The practical part provides for instrumental missions at national and international airports for ILS, VOR NDB and to the new concept of PBN (Performance Based Navigation) procedures. The airports of Bergamo, Linate, Montichiari, Verona, Parma and others such as Malpensa, Turin and Genoa are widely used. The total number of hours provided for in this module are 50, following which a new practical examination is planned, which will lead to obtaining the IR qualification.
Once enabled to IR, the student progresses further, following a new "Transition" module on even more complex machines: the MEPs, more known as the twin-engine pistons qualification. The aircrafts used by Cantor Air are the Piper PA34s, complex machines which, precisely for this reason, allow the achievement of the highest skills. In this phase the student is trained both in the basic and in the IR part of the instrumental flight. The MEP and IR-ME qualification is once again issued after passing a further practical examination on PA34 aircraft.



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