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Piper PA-28R I-CNTB

The Piper PA -28 series is a family of aircraft manufactured by Piper Aircraft Corporation introduced in the '60 and still in production. They are used for training, air taxi and pleasure. All members of the PA -28 series are  totaly metal, unpressurized, 4-seats, with a single piston engine, low-wing and tricycle landing gear. All PA -28 have a single door on the co-pilot side, which is accessed by climbing the wing. The first PA -28 was certified by the Federal Aviation Administration in 1960 and the series remains in production up to 2009. The present models are  the Arrow e the Warrior III. The Archer model has been discontinued since 2009, but thanks to the investment decided by the new owner of Piper Imprimis, it was put into production again in 2010.
Within the PA -28 family of engines you can choose from 140 to 300 hp ( 150-220 kW), also supercharged , fixed gear or retractable , fixed or variable pitch propeller and fuselage stretched to accommodate six people. The six-seat variant of the PA -28 is usually known as PA- 32. This version was initially known as the "Cherokee Six" and a version of the PA- 32 is still in production today under the name Saratoga.


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In 1967, Piper introduced the PA- 28R -180 Cherokee Arrow. This aircraft had a variable pitch propeller , retractable landing gear and engine Lycoming IO -360- B1E 180 hp (134 kW) . In 1969 was marketed the model known as PA- 28R -200 with engine Lycoming IO -360- C1C 200-horsepower (149 kW) . The 180 hp model was phased out in 1971. When the Arrow was introduced,Piper eliminated the Cherokee 150 and the Cherokee 160 from production. The Arrow II model went into production in 1972. It was characterized by a five-inch longer fuselage to increase the available space for the rear passengers . In 1977 , the Piper introduced the Arrow III (PA- 28R -201), equipped with wing semi- trapezoidal and stabilizers longer, a design feature that was introduced earlier in the PA -28- 181 and that improved the low speed maneuverability.
It was also equipped with larger fuel tank, with a capacity increased from 50 to 77 gallons . The first turbocharged model, the PA- 28R - 201T was also presented in 1977. It was equipped with an engine Continental TSIO -360 -F , six-cylinder turbocharged Rajay . As an optional it was also provided a three-blade propeller. In 1979, the Arrow model was redesigned (PA- 28RT -201 Arrow IV ), with a "T" tail, to resemble the other aircraft of the Piper line at that time.

I- CNTB is A PA28R-201 built in 2002. Imported in Europe, it flew as a private aircraft until 2016 when Cantor Air brought it in Italy. Since 2016 Cantor Air works with this great training platform, as a complex trainer for the ATO, in the IR, CPL and NIGHT training.

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