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The CAP-10 is a two-seat aircraft, single-engine, low-wing monoplane.
s equipped with a Lycoming AEIO-360 B-4A opposed air cooled four cylinder that delivers 180 HP at 2700rpm.
It features bicycle landing gear, flaps and wooden fixed-pitch propeller.


The aircraft has dual controls with side by side seats, and can perform all maneuvers required by the “Aerobatic Rating”, the spin, the inverted flight and all other maneuvers required in aerobatics.
It has 150 Lt Fuel capacity, thanks to its two tanks, one place in front of the canopy (72 l), the other at the rear of the fuselage (75 liters).

I-CNTZ is one of the latest CAP10 built by the French company, and is among other things, an aircraft modified with the new carbon wings, allowing aerobatic maneuvers up to "6 G" load factor.
This aircraft is used in Cantor Air to perform aerobatics and qualification for the course "Upset Recovery", which by 2018 will become mandatory for all commercial pilots.

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