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Type Rating - PILATUS PC-12NG

Aim of the Course

The course objective is to train students to act as pilot in command (PIC) in the PILATUS PC-12NG, in order to achieve the CLASS RATING SET on this type, according to the EASA part FCL requirements and relevant EASA OSD.


Training Syllabi

The course comprises:
 • Theoretical knowledge instruction to the PC-12NG class rating of 49 classroom hours;
• Practical knowledge instruction performed fully on aeroplano, based on 4 FLT HRS in VFR and 6 FLT HRS in IFR

 Final examinations
- Theoretical Test
- Flight SKILL TEST (about 2 hrs block time)


Classroom Hours 49:00  
Flying Hours 10:00  
Final “Skill Test”: 2:00  

Pre-Entry Requirements

Applicant for the first type rating on PC-12NG shall have at least:

- 200 hours total flying experience
- having passed a UPRT (A) in accordance with PART-FCL.745.A 
- having a valid IR-SE-SP rating.

In addition, the applicant shall hold:
• a certificate of satisfactory completion of a course for additional theoretical knowledge undertaken at the ATO [HPA course (see AMC1 FCL.720.A(b)(2)(i))]; or
• have passed the ATPL(A) theoretical knowledge examination, or
• hold a valid ICAO ATPL(A) or CPL/IR with theoretical knowledge credit for ATPL(A).


Credits for Previous Experience

Not applicable


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