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FI-A- Flight Instructor


The Objective of the Course

The objective of the course is to train the candidate to achieve the highest degree of "Proficiency" necessary to instruct, in full confidence and competence as "Flying Instructor" in the appropriate courses (eg PPL). The course includes:

  • To see again and to review the theoretical knowledges of the candidate instructor;
  • To teach the didactic methodology on the theoretical subjects and on the flights;
  • To train the candidate in flight, in the duties of an instructor, allowing the achievement of high standards;
  • To teach the candidate instructor, the basic and advanced principles to be applied in a PPL(A) course.

The Duration of the Course

The course will be programmed with continuity, it is scheduled to last about 3-5 months but may be extended at the request of the applicant.

Total hours of theorical education: 125:00  
Hours of practical education (exam excluded): 30:00  

Prerequisite of Admission

The candidate instructor, that requires admittance to FI course, shall meet the following requirements:

- To hold the CPL(A) license, or have at least a total of 200 fight hours as PIC, of which 150 if holding a PPL(A);
- To have passed the CPL(A) theoretical knowledge as required by Appendix 1 to JAR-FCL 1.470 regulations;
- To have completed at least 30 flight hours on SEP class airplanes, of which 5 hours in the past 6 months;
- To have received 10 hours of IFR basic education of which no more than 5 on FNPT or approved simulator;
- To have completed at least 20 hours of "Cross Country" as PIC, including a flight of at least 540 km (300 NM), during which there must have been carried out at least 2 landings on 2 airports different from the departure’s.
- To have Spent a “Pre-Entry” control in flight with a qualified Cantor Air instructor in the six months preceding the course, to verify the suitability of the candidate.


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