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ATO Cantor Air flight school is certified to appoint, in addition to the traditional classroom courses, Air In hiring, also the Distance Learning training.

For the Distance Learning courses, Cantor Air flight school takes advantage of the partnership agreement with CRANFIELD AVIATION, by far the best distance learning theoretical instruction platform on theoretical crews flight.

The partnership is recognized by the Civil Aviation Authority that certified these courses testifying the qualification of Cantor Air in distance learning.
The courses that Cantor Air offers using the "Distance Learning" are:

- Modular IR - 150 hours of "Computer based" lecture 15 of which performed in the classroom;
- Modular CPL - 200 hours of “Computer based” lecture 20 of which performed in the classroom;
- Modular CPL/IR - 350 hours of “Computer based” lecture 35 of which performed in the classroom;
- Modular theoretical ATPL - 650* hours of “Computer based” lecture 65 of which performed in the classroom. 
* NOTE: The ATPL hours depend on the type of license held by the applicant at the time of enrollment, to a maximum of 650 for a "ENTRY" with PPL.

For any further information send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 035 520035.

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