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The objective of the course

To train the students of the course for the acquisition of the CPL (A) License that allows (subject to any other conditions specified in the EASA PART FCL regulations) the following activities:

  • to exercise all the activities allowed to the owner of a PPL(A) License;
  • to function as a pilot in command or co-pilot in ops different than Commercial Air Transport;
  • to function as a pilot in command in commercial flights on a certificated freighter single pilot aircraft;
  • to function as a co-pilot in the Commercial Air Transport.

Duration of the Course

The duration of the course, which must be continuous, is normally covered over a 3 to 6 months period, but it can be increased up to 36 months after passing the theoretical examinations (partial or total).
Moreover, it is possible to follow the lectures using the on-line system via Internet.

Hours of theoretical education: 200:00  
Hours of MONO practice education: 25:00  
Hours of PLURI practice education: 32:00  
Hours FNTP (if applicable): 00:00  

Prerequisite of Admission

Pilots requiring admittance to the CPL (A) course shall meet the following requirements:

- To hold the Private Pilot License PPL (A),
- Must have flight a total of at least 150 hours as a pilot;
- To hold the necessary aircraft authorization for the examination before the same;
- To be in possession of the medical class  1, according to the EASA-FCL3;
- To have a good knowledge of the English language;
- To have an adequate understanding of mathematics and physics so to ease the comprehension of the theoretical knowledge included in the program.

The knowledge of both the English language (which must include at least the ability of understanding and utterance in technical English) and scientific subjects will be verified through a preliminary interview or using any other method admissible by the Courses Management. The knowledge of the English language must be certain so to ensure the achieve Level 4 before the end of the course (certification by TEA examination).

Conditions of the Exam Admission

The final exam of the course for the acquisition of the CPL (A) also demands to meet the following requirements.

- To be at least 18 years old
- To hold medical suitability of First class;
- To have completed, as a pilot, a total of at least 200 hours of flight.

Acknowledgement of Previous Experience

The accreditation of a previous training experience for the acquisition of the CPL (A) License happened in other facilities will be valued by FTO. The amount of credits will be decided, based on the brought documentation, after the result of a verification by either the FTO Director or his delegate.

EASA PART FCL regulations define the methods of flight experiences’ accreditation for the admission to the CPL(A) acquisition exams according to the following limits.
The following types and amounts can be included in the 200 hours required for accessing the course’s exams:

  • 10 hours of instrumental flight on the ground;
  • 30 hours as a PIC that holds a PPL(H);
  • 100 hours as PIC that holds a CPL(H);
  • 30 hours a a PIC on a glider or a motorglider.

The following types and amounts can be included in the 200 hours required for accessing the course’s exams:

  • 100 hours as a PIC;
  • 20 hours of VFR navigation as PIC including a flight of 300 NM with two landings completed in two different airports;
  • 100 hours of instrumental flight of which not more than 5 on the ground;
  • 5 hours of nocturnal flight (including 3 hours of DC and 1 hour of Air Navigation and 5 take offs and landings completed as soloist).

The demonstration of these preliminary qualifications held by the candidate is a condition of admission to the course.

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