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The Objective of the Course

To acquire the theoretical knowledge for the proper conduct of IR, CPL and ATPL base operations, preparing the candidate to carry out in a safe and responsible manner any business and public transport passengers operations.

Duration of the Course

The theoretical course, which is a 650 total hours of lessons, usually takes place in 5 or 6 months, through 5 or 7 hours of daily classes, 5 days per week.

The duration of the course in terms of teaching hours is subject to the title admission of the student:

PPL(A) entry: 650:00  
PPL/IR (A) entry: 450:00  
CPL(A) entry: 450:00  
CPL/IR (A) entry: 300:00  
Flying Hours: 0:00  

Prerequisite of Admission

For the admission at the ATPL Theoretical Course, the applicant must:

 - Hold PPL(A), CPL (A), o CPL/IR license,
 - Have an adequate understanding of mathematics and physics so to ease the comprehension of the course,
 - Have a good knowledge of the English language.

Experience of Flight Requested

For the ATPL theoretical modular course it is necessary that the candidate holds at least a PPL license. There are no restrictions on the number of total flight time.

Conditions for the Submission at the Theoretical Exams
The admission at the theoretical exams (held by the ENAC of ROME or MILAN MALPENSA), is subject to the following conditions:

- To have completed the whole course,
- To have passed the pre-exam test, under the supervision of the Head of Training with a score, on every subject, not lower than 85%.

Credits for Past Experience

The applicant for the ATPL theoretical modular course, if holding a PPL (A) license, will have to follow the entire program of the course, which consists of 650 hours of lessons (duration of the course 5/6 months).
The holder of a CPL / IR may have a credit of 350 hours (duration of the course 2/3 months).
The owner of either CPL or PPL / IR license, may have a reduction of 200 hours of lessons (course length 3/4 months)

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