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Air Flight Academy

Today modern aircrafts and airlines achieved a level of both competence and safety never seen before, therefore, in order to respect the rules and behaviour of these machines, people are required to handle the aircraft in a fast, clean and exemplar manners.
Cantor Air was founded in January 2007 with the purpose of becoming some time soon a Flying Training Organization, a flight academy able to meet the requirements of a demanding clientele out for major professionalism, so as accomodate those fundamental safety conditions that firms expect.

Our instructors

To get the best results for our Flight Academy we have entrusted experts, people with extensive experience coming from various flight activities and with instructional abilities proved by world wide degrees and acknowledgement.
Our personnel is composed by military instructors, some coming directly from airlines and several with Anti-Fire experience. The common denominator for all of them is to fulfil the ultimate fundamental purpose: a 360° pilot education.
A criteria we take into account in order to select our instructors is the passion for education, especially when training youngsters. The enthusiasm and dedication due to tutoring is a fundamental characteristic of every ATO activity.

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