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The aviation company Cantor Air S.r.l. was founded at the beginning of 2007 thanks to the passion and the devotion of its associate, both civilian and military flight professionals. Aviation became their moral and professional goal in life.

Our primary aim is to become one of the best Flying Training Organisations in Europe. For this reason Cantor Air decided to focus on  excellent training: to achieve this result, Cantor Air entrusts his students to professionists which transmit to the young students passion, skills, and above all, the experience necessary to become a great pilot to the young students.

Cantor Air has achieved the certification of "Flying Training Organization" - issued by E.N.A.C - in 2010, thanks to the commitment, the perseverance and the strong desire to constantly expand. It has become a certified flight school in Europe.

In the last couple of years Cantor Air stood out as a flight school through the use of the most advanced aeronautical learning methodologies, modern teaching technologies along with our highly qualified instructors.

Cantor Air's classes are not only related to the traditional topics needed to acquire the licenses and/or type ratings. Cantor Air wants to provide students a full training which also includes subjects such as Flying Safety, Aviation English and Didactic Methodology. This allows us to provide a competitive and complete training package suitable for many kind of jobs.

The quality level of our training is proved by the interest shown by numerous European universities.

Students are the focal part of our organization and we consider them the most precious element. Thanks to all of them, Cantor Air is today a strong winning team. 



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