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Not one, not two and not three, but 9 new students have fulfilled their dream by joining the prestigious Irish company RYANAIR.

We often say that this is not luck, but only the result of years of commitment and sacrifice.

Obviously, it's not as simple for everyone as it may seem from the outside, but there is a thing called perseverance, which our students have learned well during their journey in our school.

Perseverance in the study, in the commitments undertaken, in the goal set.

Here, thanks to this continuous "look to the future", these guys have managed to grit their teeth and go further and further, facing new challenges without stopping, improving and exceeding their limits continuously.

We are often asked "But what characteristics must a Pilot have?"

Actually, constancy plays a dominant role, because without constancy, one does not take a step.

They say "Without haste but without stopping" for a reason, right?

Well, not all the students are the same, we know that. But we are lucky enough to know them one by one in their individual qualities. Among these nine guys there are those who went straight like a train dragging the dream of a lifetime with them and those who, instead, had to leave the idea of ​​“Becoming a Pilot” to then rediscover an even stronger passion, or still, those who had to live this journey with an extra strength, being away from home and from the loved ones.

However, it went, the constancy of the students was the main witness of their journey.

So, Cesare, Andrea, Sandro, Luca, Riccardo and Alessandro, Lorenzo, Francesco and Emanuele CONGRATULATIONS.

Each of you has been able to extract from every event the right stimulus to become who you are today.

And the "who are you today" has allowed you to reach an important milestone for you as men first of all, and then to kick off this thriving career that awaits you which will start right from the cockpit of Ryanair's BOEING 737NG as first officers.

Again, great job guys. You are our everlasting pride!

Happy Landings! 



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